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Accounting Services – Special Rate for Child Educators

As very busy people we know a tax filing date of  7 July  can cause a lot more stress. So maybe you have missed it and now have a late filing penalty, this may now compound and cause more stress so we are now here to help.  To get yourself back on track you should register with a tax agent and you get these benefits:

  • You have until 31 March next year to file your return.
  • Your tax will be due on 7 April rather than 7 February

Child Educators Rates Include The Following Services:

child educatorsWe will offer to complete your tax return as an educator for $165 including GST. This cost includes the following:

1. Initial consultation in first year for ½ hour

2. Preparation of tax return

3. Filing of signed tax return

4. Reminder tax letter 2 weeks before tax is due

5. Communication about changes in the tax legislation relating to educators

6. Linking to agency list to enable you to receive the benefits above

All you need to do is bring your summary of income and hours worked, previous tax return if you have done one, IRD number, other income details eg interest certificate etc.

We also work with larger businesses so if you are involved in a business eg partners businesswe would be happy to quote or look at those as well. Contact us via email or give us a call if you would like to arrange an appointment or to discuss our range of services.

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